Digital Marketing for the Small Business: An Introduction

Why make a video course teaching small business owners about Digital Marketing and SEO for free?

Recently, I went to a small business event where the challenge was to provide real value to business owners around us with the goal of making their lives better, easier, or more effective. In the conversations there, it became obvious that online presence was an area where many small businesses could use a hand.

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing, potentially overwhelming field for small business owners to tackle in the face of all the other hats we have to wear.

But it’s something all of us need to do if we want to gain or retain a competitive advantage in today’s business world. The real question is: How to get started? With this series I hope to help local and small business owners (like myself) get a practical grasp of the nature of Digital Marketing and how they can leverage it.

The introduction video below is the first of many videos I’ll be creating and sharing to provide real, actionable steps to help other small business owners, and I’m going to be looking for your feedback to help hone them to provide what you need.

Digital Marketing: An Introduction for Small Business

In case you weren’t where you could take notes, here are the three takeaways from this introduction to Digital Marketing:

  • You should be promoting your local business through the internet to stay competitive
  • Remember that managing a web presence can be simple and focused – don’t be overwhelmed.
  • You see digital marketing every day in your inbox, on Facebook, or as you browse the web. Start noticing how it’s done in your industry so you’re ready with ideas when I introduce the next steps in future videos.

Now, it’s your turn: Leave a comment below, or send me a message with your questions. You can help tailor the next videos to cover the content that is important to you!

Till next time,

Courtney Hamp