Perfect Customer and Keyword Research

These days, everyone is looking for the right keyword or search terms to target in their digital marketing efforts, but how can you be sure to find the right ones? By first finding your perfect customer.

I’m not saying you should gear up and start your unicorn hunt, so hang on a second. What you need to do is take a good look at your business and identify what your target market really WANTS from you. The second video in our Digital Marketing for the Small Business series (below) walks you through an exercise to do this.

This video has less explanation and more action, so grab your writing utensils and hop right in!

For those who couldn’t watch or take notes, here’s the quick recap:

  • Find your ideal customer by asking these three questions:
    1. What does your ideal customer enjoy doing?
    2. Where do they live or hangout?
    3. What problem or need would they like you to solve for them?
  • Put yourself in that ideal customer’s shoes, and brainstorm keywords or phrases they would use to locate what they want from you.

Next time, we’ll look at some tools you can use to test and refine your list, so keep it handy.

Until then,

Courtney Hamp