Today is March 31st, and that means it is World Backup Day!

What is World Backup Day, you ask? Good question. The premise is this, according to the official World Backup Day site: “Don’t be an April Fool. Be prepared. Backup your files on March 31st.”

April Fool didn't backup his data

Unless you are this guy. This guy does not backup his data.

In today’s technology world, there are countless ways to backup your files and keep them safe should the worst happen. So you have no excuse to be wandering around with un-backed up copies of your latest vacation photos and that silly video of your cats trying to murder a toy fish. Heck, my friend Dave has a backup of his backup. He’s not getting caught tomorrow with his pants down (or files irreparably lost)!

So we have established that you need to backup your files or lose them forever and ever, right? Cool. For those of you living under a rock, or just not feeling up to speed with current backup options, I have a list of some easy ways keep your files safe from harm:

Dropbox – Keeps a running backup of any files you put there. You have to put the files or folders in your ‘box’ for this to work.

Carbonite – Backs up all the files you point out, continuously over the internet. Set it and forget it (until your dog pulls your laptop off the end table by its power cord).

This hard drive – For those of you who want to sleep with your files next to you, or can’t abide putting them in the cloud on a fully redundant, data center server that has two keypads, a biometric lock, and 24hr security making sure no fools make off with your data.

Data Center

If your home office looks like this, then by all means, keep your files on a hard drive there.

That list could go on forever. But I won’t let that happen, because you only have the rest of today to backup your files. If you are in a hurry, use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget any files.

  • Cat Pictures – Get these from the My Pictures folder (Pictures on Mac), or check your photo management app to see your default storage location.
  • Documents containing the next great American novel – Normally located in My Documents (Documents on Mac). Alternatively, look at the last few saved files in your word processor of choice to see where they are hiding.
  • Katy Perry Songs – You can find these in the My Music folder (Music on Mac). Don’t forget to check the iTunes folder as well!
  • Baby Puppy Videos – Look for video files in the My Videos folder (Movies on Mac). Or see where your cell phone saves them when you sync it with your computer.
  • Clutter on the Desktop – All the other files you didn’t find a place for yet are in the Desktop folder (Desktop on Mac). You don’t need all the program shortcuts. Just the files.

And there you are. All backed up. Before you go, set a calendar reminder (or accept ours:) to check your backups once a month to be sure you don’t have this scramble every March. Now you can get back to your normal day of not paying attention to how safe your files are.

Still here? Ok. If you have any questions about backing up your computers, or if you would like a professional to help you make sure you do not lose any files, give us a shout! 716.939.1491 will reach Nickel City Technology Consulting, and we’ll come help you save all your files.

Special thanks goes out to World Backup Day for keeping us all on our collective toes about data recovery!